Frequently Asked Questions


The partner repair shops are located in the Lisbon region. The Free Subscription with automatic alerts service is active throughout the national territory. Maintenance and / or repair services with IZIRepair guarantee take place in the Lisbon area. Soon they may be extended to other regions of the country.
To take advantage of the automatic alerts system, your vehicle must have a Portuguese plate number. To take advantage of the paid subscription, it is beneficial that your place of residence is close to the area of operation of the partner repair shops, currently located in the Lisbon area.
Automatic alerts are customized according to the car's profile (License Plate and KM) and according to the driver's profile (intensity of use). We are permanently connected with a dynamic database that allows us to know in detail the behavior and needs of your car.
Users are notified in advance so they can decide comfortably. Look out for your inbox, notifications are sent by email.
IZIRepair operates with certified partner repair shops, approved by eligibility and audit criteria. Each workshop operates with IZIRepair standards so that we can always guarantee the best service.
No. Regulation (EU) No. 461/2010, of 27 May, guarantees the free choice of the repair shop for automotive maintenance by the consumer, even during the legal warranty period. The parts used are of original or equivalent quality and all the manufacturer's recommendations are complied with by the partner repair shops. The repair shop must stamp the book of periodic maintenance of the vehicle, so that it is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, even if it has not been serviced by a car brand dealer. The vehicle's warranty is not lost due to repairs, outside the official repair shops, not covered by the warranty (e.g. headlight damage, dents, etc.). If you have made a warranty extension at the dealership, see the dealer's contractual clauses.
The first step in a new partnership with a repair shop is to update the price list for IZIRepair subscribers. At the same time, only repair shops with a set of requirements that are validated by our partnership managers are accepted as partners. Our priority is to give the user a quality service at the best price.
The services presented at do not include the possibility for the user to supply the parts for work in a partner repair shop. The quotes and plans presented through IZIRepair already contemplate the value of the parts to be used, so the user will have to buy the service / plan in full and not just the labor.
The customer can opt for the collection and delivery service, with an associated cost of € 1 / Km. This service is valid for cars that can drive legally and safely. If your vehicle cannot be driven on public roads, you will need to request a towing service, with the associated cost.
Yes. The mechanics who perform the collection and delivery must be covered by the garage insurance, according to the applicable legislation.
IZIRepair has a towing service available. This service will be budgeted at the moment, according to the user's location and distance to the partner repair shop.
This service is currently only valid for the Lisbon region. Soon we will be able to extend our service to other cities.
IZIRepair is responsible for complying with the warranty of the material used and the service performed, in accordance with the applicable legislation. In the event that the user rejects the execution of a service, identified by the repair shop as important for the safety and proper functioning of his car, the guarantee of related services is no longer valid.
To access IZIRepair services, the user has at his disposal a network of certified repair shops. From the portfolio of IZIRepair partner repair shops, the user can choose their preferred repair shop.
The time horizon for completion of the service is defined together with the quote presented.
You can cancel the service at any time. However, everything that has been done up to the moment of cancellation will have to be paid.
The validity of a quote is normally 48 hours, but there may be exceptions that are identified in the quote itself.
All the services of your car are kept in the backoffice of IZIRepair. From the moment of your subscription, you can consult the services of your car. Soon we will have the functionality available in the IZIRepair application.
Each service is paid before the vehicle is picked up / delivered, if it is not already included in a subscription with the situation regularized. The user is informed by SMS and email that his vehicle is ready. Payment is made by ATM reference.
After each payment, the respective invoice is sent to you by email.
Not sure where the email was sent to? Here you will find some suggestions to help you find it.

When you request a service through IZIRepair, we send you a confirmation email with the respective details, as well as when you subscribe to a plan. If you are trying to recover your password, we also send an email to the registration email address. If you don't see the email after we sent it, the following steps may help.
  1. Search for the e-mail
    If it is not in the inbox, look in your folders. If a spam filter or an e-mail rule moved the e-mail, it could be on Spam folder, deleted mail folder or archive.
  2. Make sure you are looking in the correct e-mail account
    If you have multiple accounts, make sure you are seeking in the inbox of the correct e-mail account. In the case you are a registered user, you can confirm on your login area what is the e-mail account to which IZIRepair send the respective communications. If the e-mail address is wrong, you can update it and request again the service. When the problem refers to the attempt of recover the password, and if you didn’t find it in any of referred folders, you can request to recover the password again. Before the submitting of the request, make sure that the e-mail is correctly entered. Wait some seconds and verify once again your inbox. If necessary, verify also all the other referred folders.
  3. Confirm that you are receiving e-mails
    If you don’t receive any e-mail, you may need to contact the email service provider to obtain help.
  4. Contact us
    Through the email or by our direct line 212 698 674 / 918 940 404.


The subscription plans are designed so that each user has available services for recurring use. The quantity discounts negotiated with the repair shops allow IZIRepair to offer an advantageous price to its users with significant savings.
For individual users, IZIRepair recommends the Basic or Plus plan (with more advantages). For owners of more than 1 vehicle, the family plan is indicated. If you want to change your plan, you can do it at any time!
You must enter your credit card information through our secure payment method, via EASYPAY partner. The service is automatically charged every month to members of paid plans from IZIRepair, on the date they subscribed.
IZIRepair will monitor the needs of your vehicle. If you want to take advantage of the items in your plan before receiving an alert, simply indicate, by email or by contacting our support line: 918 940 404 or 212 698 674.
Just tell us! Before the execution of the service, IZIRepair sends the detailed budget. IZIRepair negotiates quantity discounts with partner repair shops, which allows us to guarantee that extra services to subscription plans are also competitively priced. If the additional service is suggested by IZIRepair, the customer always has the right to decide whether to proceed (or not) with the indicated service.
Yes! For example, if in one year you have not requested any electronic diagnosis, in the following year you will have 2 diagnoses that you can request without any additional payment. However, you cannot accumulate the same item for a period of more than 24 months, that is, you will always have at most the items from the present year and those from the previous year that you have not used.
Each plan allows you to monitor only one vehicle (automatic alerts). Subscription benefits are associated with 1 account. If you intend to port the benefit to another vehicle that is not associated with your account, you can do so.
The subscription includes only Preventive Maintenance services. In the event of a breakdown or accident, the customer can activate IZIRepair's services, at a cost associated with towing service.
Yes. It is as easy to cancel your subscription as it is to subscribe!
Yes. We always privilege the satisfaction of our customers, in this way, we will make adjustments to the subscription so that the user will never be harmed in changing his plan.
The paid subscription gives you access to a portfolio of services of recurring need, at a price below the market, for components of quality equivalent to the origin.